Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hot Dinner On a Cold Winter Evening

Wedgewood Kutani Crane is a china pattern I bought many years ago when I was first married. These days, I don't use it as much.  I bought many place settings, and serving pieces.  Back then, I hosted a lot of family dinners, and it was an affordable chinoiserie style pattern to buy in bulk. 


Everyone and their brother has these, but I still love them.  Obviously I have a bamboo fetish!

I have not ridden in a year and a half, but my house is full of equestrian motifs, art, heirlooms, and clothes.  I am more of a stair master gal these days. 

The dining room went from green, to Benjamin Moore linen white last fall.

 Swiss Chard
Alice and I love to eat our green vegetables.  Especially sautéed with olive oil, and lots of fresh garlic!  

Who doesn't love meatloaf smothered in ketchup?

After dinner Alice went to her studio to work on her latest painting, and I enjoyed a bit of my favorite Canton Ginger liqueur.  I don't really mix it with anything to make a fancy cocktail. I just sip a little.  My Ginger obsession started back in December at a great new restaurant in Brooklyn Heights, called Red Gravy.  I was with my sister, and cousin, and Alice.  Alice ordered an Italian Ginger Drink, and was expecting an imported soda along the lines of an orangina.  Non alcoholic. Were we wrong. It turned out to be something the mixologist whipped up at the bar.  It nearly blew my nasal passages up! It was a bit much for Alice, so I took it over, then ordered another. The more I drank, the better it got, and since then, I have been tinkering around in my kitchen, trying to replicate the magical beverage.  I think I have to go back to New York again soon to try to get the recipe!


Happy Birthday Dinner!  Sweet 17!

Alice, and Aunt Mimi, at Red Gravy.

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